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                    CURRENT PROJECTS


We consider children aged between 13 to 19 as Early teens. There is need for the life skills to sustain the sociopolitical, cues that the marginalized communities encounter. We train them with critical thinking, logical thinking,  making and other life skills which are necessary for a dignified life. Why only teens? Teens is a significant phase in life or age group where the mind is fed by the existing social, cultural opinions and stereotypes. Teens has a predominant role in absorbing societal values with respect to their surroundings. Therefore, learning life skills will contribute to a greater social changes in terms of attitudes, sense of world, stereotypes, gender equality. 


The objectives of this project include livelihood, social awareness, workshops on career guidance and health. Evening sessions are conducted as to engage the youth with the contemporary issues ranging from the scale of locality to nation. In addition, sports session s are conducted with qualified experts as a matter of community togetherness and health. The salient feature of this project is offering employment, youth will be facilitated with employment opportunities based on their level of education and skill. This is achieved based on the tie ups with the parent organization and different business enterprises. As we see Employment as the invisible hand that aids them in getting rid of poverty.


Sustainability is the notion that guides to the sustainable lifestyle and society. Segregation , clean-up drives, bridging the disconnect between the municipal corporation are essentially the outlook. Segregation of waste into dry waste, wet waste, electronic waste and making manure with the wet waste by compost pit is the key idea. Cleanup drives are conducted twice in a month in order to establish cleanliness in and around the settlements. Pollution is often the subject of debates regarding Environmental protection however, soil pollution remains as the least discussed, as a major share of marginalized communities lives on agriculture we see a need for educating them on soil pollution.


Gender justice is key area of focus, which includes equal rights, opportunities, participation of women are the different aspects of it. As it can be seen that women are being denied of basic human life in terms of liberty, decision making,political participation, gender roles, fundamental rights, stereotypical practices. We are working on making women independent in terms of economic stability and awareness on the soci0-cultural practices they have been subjected to. We organize skill training workshops which lets them claim their share in the working sector.

Founder words:

I don't see a better tomorrow when the education is commercialized and is inaccessible to the poor. Only because of education I got am I able to redefine it. My education has made me question the existence and realize why I am the way I am? Education Maybe money for people who make money out of it but in my view it is a birthright, and a wonderful way of experiencing the existence. I know how hunger feels like, I know how living with insecurities feel like, but I know I can fight both with education. Education is that one powerful weapon which can fight the existing problems of mankind starting from cold and cough to climate change. In my view, education is all about educating others and that's the source of joy and fulfillment in one's life.

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.

                    B.R. AMBEDKAR








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